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Job 4 December 6, 2007

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Now for some reason, hitting “enter” doesn’t seem to work in Safari, so bear with me please (haven’t had time to download anything else yet).In this chapter, one of Job’s friends is speaking — Eliphaz the Temanite.  Everything that he says actually makes sense, but it’s really not something that great to say to Job at the moment. He’s saying that those who are innocent are not punished by God — implying that Job has some hidden sin in his life that he needs to confess.  He starts by confronting Job about his attitude towards his trials — he pretty much says to Job, “Hey! You were strong for all these people all the time that they were down-hearted! But as soon as tribulation comes to you, look what happens!  You’re all unhappy.”  Which I think is completely unfeeling of him!  I mean, really.  Job has lost everything he has except for his wife and his life, and Eliphaz is telling him that he’s too down-hearted about it.  I would completely have killed that man right then and there.

On the other hand, a lot of the things he says are good in principle. If he wasn’t talking to Job, they would be really good things to say. I mean, how often do we give all this cheesy advice to people (“You’ll make it though, just trust in God” — honestly, how does one trust in God? — not meaning that God isn’t trustworthy…meaning how does one apply that practically) and then when we find ourselves in the exact same situation….and finding out just how hard that particular piece of advice is to put into practice.

Eliphaz also says a lot of truth about those who don’t fear God. He mentions a lot of things about what will happen to them and how hopeless their plight is and all this other stuff. Most interestingly, he says something that is echoed in Romans 3:23: “Can mankind be just before God? Can a man be pure before His maker?” I have to say, the answer to this is a complete and resounding “NO!” Which is, of course, where the miracle of salvation comes in. So, in a way, this chapter kind of foreshadows the coming of Christ! That’s definitely cool.


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