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American Heritage Party December 11, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — ithewalrus @ 9:40 pm

I had to do a report today on the American Heritage Party, and words cannot describe how completely annoyed I am with that party. I am a Christian, of course, and I love God, and I think it would be completely wonderful and fantastic if everyone was a Christian…but it’s political suicide to build a political party around that mission. Seriously, its mission is to “spread the Christian faith.” It states that explicitly on its webpage.

It also wants to discrminate against immigrants for what they call “immoral lifestyle”. Ridiculous. Why not kick out all of the American citizens who have immoral lifestlyes, then? I agree with them that immoral lifestyles are bad, and that people shouldn’t live like that, but….ah! I don’t like that position. They also want to ban immigrants who have different and detrimental beliefs about government. This is a free country! It was founded for the freedom to express opinions and thoughts and so forth!

It just seems idiotic to me. I’m not a fan of it. At all.


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