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Problem with Computers… December 26, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — ithewalrus @ 5:48 pm

Well, I just bought a MacBook and I’m looking for a Photoshop-level program that would allow me to do design-y stuff.  However, my Mac happens to be an Intel Mac, and according to the Adobe website, Elements for Mac only works on PowerPC Macs…this is a problem.  And when they do end up coming out with a Photoshop Elements program that would work on my computer, it’s going to be far too expensive.  I mean, I’m an unemployed high school student…I seriously am going to need some image editor or other, I’m majoring in Visual Arts-New Media (computer graphics), and computer graphics are hard without an image program.   I actually called Adobe today to see if they have an Elements program that will work on Intel Macs, and got told yes (which is contrary to both what their website says and what the salesperson told me last time I called, but whatever), so I asked if there was possibly any previous version I could buy and they were all like “No, there’s no way you can do that, ma’am.”  It was unbelievably frustrating.   Grr. Software companies. 


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