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Argument February 1, 2008

Filed under: boyfriend — ithewalrus @ 11:30 pm

I had an argument with my boyfriend last night.  It was one of those confusing, ridiculous arguments…you know, the kind where you have no idea what’s going on…here’s the major part of it.  

 Josh says: (12:38:06 AM)i’m being really laid back about things, but i guess that hurts ppl, so i’ll start doing things? hopefully? or something like that…| 

macilwen says: (12:38:59 AM)lol yeah it kinda shows a pretty extraordinarily large amount of cluelessness (in relationships at least)|

Josh says: (12:39:14 AM)RELATIONSHIP!!!!

Josh says: (12:39:17 AM)what!

Josh says: (12:39:25 AM)clueless

Josh says: (12:39:27 AM)…

macilwen says: (12:39:28 AM)what’d I do????????

Josh says: (12:39:44 AM)who cares what RELATIONSHIP is!

macilwen says: (12:40:09 AM)CONFUSION!!!!!!!! and redness of face!

Josh says: (12:40:21 AM)relationships, what is that?

Josh says: (12:40:24 AM)idk

Josh says: (12:40:27 AM)u don’t know

macilwen says: (12:40:35 AM)josh

Josh says: (12:40:39 AM)we make it up as we go along


I had gotten really annoyed at him for 1. “forgetting” to do anything for my 18th; 2. not taking the idea of valentine’s day seriously; and 3. disappearing at random moments.  (He’s disappeared right now actually, his MSN thing says he’s online but he’s apparently not there. Actually, now he’s offline completely…) I ended up kind of ranting…I’m not one to say what I really feel at people, especially when I think that it might upset them, which is why I haven’t bugged Josh more about stuff.  He took me by surprise by the above.  It was definitely really unlike him to explode like that…but I’m glad he did.   He later explained that he reacted so violently because what he expects of me is for me to be myself, and he thought that I wasn’t being myself when I said things like that.  He’s so weird and incomprehensible sometimes…but at the same time, he makes a ton of sense.  “we make it up as we go along” — I love that! So yes, that’s my life. 


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