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Soooooo stressed February 5, 2008

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My family is remodeling a house right by the banks of a river. Three weeks ago, that house was flooded for the first time ever. We’ve just gotten it all dried out and everything.

Well, now guess what?

That river is flooding again.

My sources aren’t telling me whether or not our particular area is being flooded, which is exasperating and frightening. We don’t have the money to dry it out again — it cost $5000 last time. Chances are that if it’s flooded again, I might not get to go to the college I want. And, I mean, what people are saying right now, it doesn’t look like the flooding’s going to get to our house…but I really just want to know….that would be much more comforting than this eternal insecurity. Places over there were evacuated this morning and it’s still pouring….we just went through this! Why is it happening again??? I could kill something, really I could!! We just put new wallpaper up, and molding, and….and……aaaaaahhh!!!

And then I have 20 bazillion things to do for school…a quiz and a test tomorrow, three quizzes on Friday, orchestra practice tomorrow, tons of homework…5 hours’ worth of project due Friday, haven’t started on that yet (haven’t had TIME!!).

I need to sleep for a week. (I’ve been up until three the past few nights, even more stress!)