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Research paper January 22, 2008

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So it’s that time….the time when I get to write a research paper.  I’m actually kinda excited — yes, I know, I’m ridiculous, but I am! — because I enjoy writing papers and I’m really super excited about my research subject…chaos theory.Here’s the proposal I sent to my teacher:

  Is it possible for math to have a theological impact?  Thanks to an obscure theory, the answer appears to be yes.  Chaos Theory describes a mathematical phenomenon that can best be described as “unpredictable predictability.”   It occurs in mathematical functions that seem to be random but, in reality, are deterministic.  Chaos Theory, a newly popular theory, has an extremely wide range of applications, including applications in climatology, psychology, chemistry, astronomy, economy, physics, biology, meteorology, and even theology.  So far, Chaos Theory has been applied only to Pantheism and the New Age Movement.  I would like to research the theological implications of Chaos Theory, especially as it relates to the different schools of Calvinism and Arminianism and their views of predestination.   

I’m really excited about this whole thing.  The hilarious thing about it is that my teacher was all like “hey I don’t want you to get all caught up in the New Age movement and all that…” Which, I mean, it’s nice of her to be concerned and all that, but I….there is seriously no way that that would happen.  I am about as reverse of New Age as they come.  Plus I learned loads about that kind of thing over the summer when I took a summer class on “God, Humanity, and Knowledge.”
In other news, I’ve heard back from Taylor’s admissions about going to Purdue.  They say it’s OK as long as I get some stuff signed and keep a 3.2 GPA in my college classes….shouldn’t be that bad.
That’s about it. 

Waiting for College December 15, 2007

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I am a senior in high school, and I’ve been accepted to Taylor University, which is officially the best place in the world. Most of the people I really care about are either at Taylor this year or will be at Taylor next year. Right now, I’m kind of in limbo.  I want to be done with high school and moved on to college, but I can’t.  At the same time, I don’t want to lose contact with all my high school friends.  It’s annoying. Also I’m applying for a scholarship that means a full ride to any college in my state which would be wonderful…but I don’t know if I’ll get it.  But it would be really helpful for my parents so that they can pay. ALSO, I’m going to go to the local university, where my mom is a professor, and take summer classes there…but I’m not sure whether or not it’ll mess up my acceptance to Taylor…it’s slightly messy at the moment.  But the plus about the local university is that 12 credit hours are only $874 which is ridiculously cheap.  That doesn’t include textbooks or anything but STILL! So, I have many decisions to make.  Fun! In other news, it’s snowing, and I just came back from the Keller Competition concert, and my sister is now in love with the pianist who played.