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Many Things December 3, 2007

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I’ve decided that my blog’s title is particularly apt for my personality and the way I think, haha! Today I have three posts that I could write. One is on Job 2, one is on Jeremiah 42:6, and one is on evolution. Decisions, decisions, decisions…well, I think I’ll start with Jeremiah 42:6, because it just popped out at me, and do one of those spiffy little “read more…” things when I get done, and do Job 2. Evolution can wait for a later date.


So, then, Jeremiah 42:6.


Whether it is pleasant or unpleasant, we will listen to the voice of the LORD our God to whom we are sending you, so that it may go well with us when we listen to the voice of the LORD our God.

I think this verse really speaks to us today. A lot of the time, Christians just want to listen to the part of the Bible that they like, that is comfortable for them, and they don’t want to have to do any other part of it. It’s become so that Christianity is all about ourselves. That’s why it’s so shocking to us when God asks us to do something we really don’t want to do. We’re all like “No! I don’t want to do that!” and go off and do our own thing. (which, in fact, is what the isrealites end up doing. They’re wanting Jeremiah to go talk to God so that he can tell them what God wants…and then they end up doing the opposite because they were stupid.)  That’s the pleasant or unpleasant part by the way.

Another interesting thing is that the Israelites are indeed sending Jeremiah to talk to God.  I realize that things were different back then and all that, and that there were different rules and regulations on who could talk to God because Christ hadn’t come yet and so on and so forth, but it’s just a little bit strange, don’t you think?  Like they were too afraid to go talk to God themselves.  It definitely strikes me as odd.

 Then the last part: “so that it may go well with us when we listen to the voice of the LORD our God.”  I think that’s a concept most people have trouble getting their hands around: that it actually will go well with us if and when we listen to the voice of the LORD our God.  It actually will.  No matter how inconvenient following God’s law seems, it’s actually the best way to live.

Wow I managed to get three paragraphs out of once verse, haha!