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Music and Sr. Pics February 10, 2008

Okay, so I’m going to write about stuff in the order of the title, because I don’t really have any other ideas…DISCLAIMER: I’m sick. Stuff I say might not make sense, cause it’s so weird to be this sick because I hardly ever am. (Sore throat [I just tried to spell that “throught” twice….heh], cough, runny nose…I had a fever yesterday…I don’t actually even remember the last time I was actually sick, not just faking to get out of school. Which happens maybe once a year, people, I am responsible!!)

Hmm. Music? Okay. My mom is a music professor, so I naturally grew up with a lot of music. However, after getting out of the kiddie music stage, all my music was classical…yes, nerdship for the win. (I actually remember being in 6th grade and yelling at the bus driver to turn on the classical station…on a high school bus. Yeah that didn’t go over so well.) Then I started branching out. Moody Blues were my favorite for about two years (there was one super trippy song on the CD I had of them that went around your head in circles when you had earphones on…Beyond, I believe. I always skipped it.) and then I moved on to bigger and better (ahem) things. Starting with 38th parallel, because the blog of my friend Michael had one of their songs on it. And then I was like “oh what the heck” and bought Relient K “two lefts don’t make a right…but three do” and Audio Adrenaline (not remembering the album title, I didn’t like that one very much) and MxPx “Panic”…and things just kind of went from there. (Wow I reallllly feel congested right now. It’s gotten to that state where you just have to wave your hands around to help…? Altho this logical leap makes about no sense. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this…) From there, my fascination went Petra –> Third Day –> Relient K (again, I Sanctus Real –> whatever I heard on the amazing Christian radio station that has 0!! commercials for REAL and plays the best music EVER –> now, Wavorly, Starfield, Rush of Fools (saw them in concert, best band EVAR, lead singer = very cute!!), Poor Baker’s Dozen (don’t go looking for their stuff, you won’t find it, I’ve looked everywhere…they’re gone. My mom had one CD.), Britt Nicole. Pretty exclusively Christian. But now I’ve decided that I like music that I term….artistic. In other words…music that isn’t explicitly Christian *gasp*. Examples: Sleeping at Last, Eisley (reeeally weird sound, check them out), Holidays on Ice. (These would probably be termed Indie. I’m not sure. But I think I do like that Indie sound…) Plus the non-Christian-and-non-artistic-but-just-plain-fun songs that I happen to have: London Calling (the Clash), How Far We’ve Come (Matchbox 20), I Like To Move It Move It (Madagascar soundtrack).

I think it’s really fascinating to see how my music tastes have changed over the years. I love the iTunes store — I got a free download today and can’t wait to download other free ones. I love music. There’s no way I could live without it. And it’s been really fun exploring the different genres over the years. (I think I might even have an industrial metal song…err…instrumental…thing in my iTunes somewhere, thanks to a guy in CO that I know over internets. Not my favorite thing in the world, lol…never will I be a metal fan. [Haha the illness again…as I typed that, I was like “wait a second…I can’t become a fan!” thinking you know of like a ceiling fan…? Yeah I’m having issues.])

This is easily one of the most rambley things I’ve written for a while, it’s fun. (AHH sinus painnnn!!!)

Pictures. I need to get senior pictures taken soon. After all, I am a senior in high school and that makes me 1. awesome; 2. senioritis-prone; and 3. in need of my picture taken professionally-ish. However, due to a remodeling project my family is doing, we don’t have near enough money to pay for an actual professional. This is very sad. 😦 BUT!!!!! The amazing boyfriend, who is, in a word, amazing, and fabulouth, and all that cool stuff, is going to buy himself a very very nice and shiny DSLR camera. So he’s going to take my picture for sr. pictures. He’s way cool like that.

ok I’m done. I’m tired and very sick (CONGESTION!!!) and need to sleep…and it’s almost 1AM. Gah.