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In The Absense of Failure December 1, 2007

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This is a poem I wrote…it was intended to be an application “essay” for Wheaton college. But then I realized that Wheaton doesn’t have my major! Oh dear! I still like the poem though.

Mount Everest

no longer an option.
How should I spread my wings?
flying through a realm of possibilities
glancing over each

one in particular catches my eye
playing my violin my Lionheart
forever and ever and ever always
in symphonies in soundtracks in worship in bands
recording composing improvising creating
wheaton oberlin sherwood new england conservatory
royal college of music
living on music
But is music me?

another glistening possibility
shining from below
I dive in, examining–
preaching all over the country
seeing thousands come to Christ
bringing millions into the kingdom
But is evangelism me?

yet another, glinting in the sky
far above me this time
space travel to the unexplored heights
discovering God’s creation anew
for the first time again
seeing things completely new
and yet always there
jupiter saturn neptune pluto
and beyond where there’s just me
and God
and a metal flying vessel
alone and content
But is space me?

where is this shining from?
everywhere all at once
travel the world
visit every single country
learn the language
the culture
the people
seeing God’s artistry in its infinite
neverending countless innumerable
forms of landscape
mountain ocean desert forest lake prarie tundra ice steppe swamp wetland volcano
encountering everywhere under the sun
But is travel me?

one last possibility
straight ahead of me
what can it be?
in a sea of mountains
rising above all others
the highest place on earth
Mt. Everest.
“what is the
of climbing mt. everest?”
“it is no use.
the struggle of this mountain
is the struggle of
life itself.
what we get out of this adventure
striving upward
exploring the utmost of God’s handiwork
closest to God
seeking for Him
and finding Him in the midst of my journey
to the top of the world
and finding the joy of life of Him
on the way
But is seeking me?
y e s .

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”
I would climb Mt. Everest.