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Christian Schoolkid Inside Joke January 4, 2008

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To prove his conservative credentials, Romney recently snagged the coveted endorsements of movement guru Paul Weyrich and evangelist leader Bob Jones III. All indications are that Romney is not being thrown over for Rudy Giuliani, who is leading in the national polls for the GOP nominations, or conservative insurgent Mike Huckabee.  (from somewhere on foxnews.com)

Most of you know, I’m sure, that Romney is a Mormon.  However, what some of you may not know is that Bob Jones III is a die-hard Southern Baptist who is in charge of Bob Jones University.  Bob Jones University is notorious in Christian high schools (at least some of them, anyways) for being ridiculously strict as well as rigidly Baptist.  
My question is this:  what on earth is Bob Jones doing supporting a Mormon?  It’s hilarious!
And, like I said, nobody’s going to get this.
In other news, I’m excited that Huckabee managed to get Iowa.  I’m excited about his prospects, and hopeful that he might be able to win the Presidency, perhaps?  Although his win in Iowa is rather shocking, as I’d expected people to be tired of conservatism (?) under Bush.  (I’m actually a huge supporter of Bush as well, although — like everyone else on this planet — he makes mistakes.)  I’m also ecstatic that Hillary got third in the Democrat polls.  I don’t favor any of her stances on issues, and think that most of them would be bad for the country.