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Jr-Sr May 9, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — ithewalrus @ 2:14 pm

So the Jr/Sr Banquet is today, which is awesome. My boyfriend (eeee!!!) is driving here from Taylor, also awesome. Perhaps awesomer? I really really love my dress this year. It’s green with black straps and a black sash….it looks really refined and stuff.

It’s hard waiting. The banquet doesn’t start until 6. Josh will be here at 4 at the absolute earliest, and it’s 3 at the moment…I’ll probably start putting dress on when he gets here, b/c right now I’m just wearing pyjamas, which is highly awesome and relaxing. And just think! My sister is still at school. My hairdresser also did my makeup after she was done with my hair. It turned out really well — I basically never do makeup and it was seriously cool to have someone else do it for me, altho I think my hair is already starting to come out.


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